Important Terms and Condition

  1. Free application assistance is applicable only for grade 12 students.
  2. The prices mentioned on the free application page are only for representation purposes.  
  3. The final prices will be informed to the students before hand via email.
  4. Free application assistance is limited to only 2 Universities/ courses application.
  5. Dedicated Counselling sessions are not included in the free application assistance. Click Here, to avail a paid counselling session.
  6. All students availing free application assistance are completely responsible for submitting the documents in stipulated time.
  7. Management reserves the right to make changes without any further notices.


    General Terms and Condition

Gyanberry Admission Support Services Pvt Ltd – Terms and Conditions for payments and refunds – Applicable for all payments made on or after 1st August 2018 Prior to making payment for availing any of our services, customers are required to agree to below terms and conditions specified. Should you disagree to any of the below mentioned terms and conditions, we highly recommend you to contact any of Gyanberry’s team member 2 to seek clarification prior to making payment.

Your payment shall be processed only in accordance with below terms and conditions. In below terms and conditions, Gyanberry Admission Support Services Pvt Ltd shall be referred as “Gyanberry” and customer shall be referred to as “Student” or “Parent”. General Terms and conditions for Communication with Gyanberry: Gyanberry as well as Universities conducts all of its admission process through email ( electronic) communication and hence all important communications such as invoice, documents checklist required for admission, deadlines, terms and conditions, etc and any other day to day communication deemed necessary shall be communicated only via email to the registered email id of the student.

Hence, student must take full responsibility of acknowledging the email as well as responding to the email in a timely manner, when necessary. Student must also send all communication via email to one of Gyanberry’s official email id in order to ensure the query is acknowledged and responded by one of Gyanberry’s team member. Over and above below specified terms and conditions there could be additional clauses specific to your application or situation.

Any such additional clause shall be communicated to you via email. General Terms and Conditions for Admissions to Universities or any other institute of higher education: Gyanberry’s role is to support and guide students throughout the application, entrance exam and admission steps. However, Gyanberry does not guarantee admission to any university.

The admission decision is completely at discretion of the University management. Admissions to the respective course or program are purely based on merit and are fully at the discretion of the University.Student must ensure to satisfy the documentation required by the University in order to complete the application, admission and enrollment formalities as specified by the University on its official website or on the admission letter or as specified in the instructions emailed by Gyanberry.

Failure to satisfy any of the University’s requirements may results in refusal of application or admission. Student must ensure to fulfill all application and admission requirements within the deadline specified by the Universities.

Terms and Conditions for Gyanberry Agency Fees, One Time Counseling Fee, Application Fees & Entrance Exam Fees: Detailed description of “inclusions” and “exclusions” of above services are mentioned in the rate card or proposal provided by Gyanberry sent to your registered email id. Gyanberry one-time phone counselling or one to one counseling fee ( wherever applicable) is non–refundable after the counseling session is completed.

The counselling fee must be paid before the counselling session. Gyanberry one–time registration fee ( also generally known as agency fee or service charges) is an independent fee charged by Gyanberry to support the students throughout the application and admission process. Such fees if refundable only if the registration with the agency is cancelled within 48 hours after payment of such fees to Gyanberry.

University application fees is an official application fee charged by the University and such fees are non-refundable under any circumstances, once paid. Gyanberry is official admission representative for several European Universities for which Gyanberry organises the entrance exams in India & UAE in conjunction with the Universities.

In such cases, Gyanberry charges Examination Fee to students to support the cost of organization and administration of the exam. Examination fees is refundable only if the registration for the exam is cancelled within 48 hours after payment of such fees to Gyanberry.

No refunds will be made if registration and payment for exam is completed 48 hours prior to the exam date. Examination dates are posted regularly on Once the student registers for the University entrance exam with Gyanberry, it is not possible for the student to transfer and appear for same University exam with another agency in same city or another country.

This could result in dual application and may result in further complications in the admission process. Any type of fees made to Gyanberry is non-transferable to another student. Any type of fees made for a specific University application or examination cannot be transferred utilised towards application to another University, unless mutually agreed by Gyanberry.

Terms and Conditions for Visa Assistance, Translation Services and Student Insurance Package fee: Above mentioned services can be availed by students once they have successfully obtained the admission letter from the University. Detailed description of “inclusions” and “exclusions” are mentioned in the rate card or proposal provided by Gyanberry to your registered email id. Gyanberry Student visa assistance package is non–refundable after the checklist of documents is sent to the email address registered with Gyanberry. Gyanberry visa assistance package fee does not guarantee approval of visa. ‘

Visa approval is only at the decision of respective Embassies and Ministry of Immigration/Interiors of that respective country. Each embassy has different visa application fee and such fees need to be paid by the student directly to the Embassy and such fees is not included in Gyanberry’s visa assistance package ( unless specified otherwise). Embassy might request for translation and legalization of documents in their home country language.

Such costs are additional costs and such fees is not included in Gyanberry’s visa assistance package ( unless specified otherwise). Student Health Insurance fee is refundable as per the terms and conditions mentioned by the Insurance company issuing the insurance. Gyanberry is only responsible for mediating and processing the paperwork of the insurance application.

Translation services are provided by third party translation companies based in respective countries. Translation charges are nonrefundable by the third party companies once the translation process is initiated.

Translation process is initiated immediately after receipt of the payment. Gyanberry is responsible only for mediating the translation process. Any third-party payment (Courier fee, translation charges, application fee, bank charges) will be non–refundable.

Terms and Conditions for Entrance exam Preparation Classes Fee: Preparation Classes fee is refundable as per below: – 100% fee is refundable if registration is cancelled 90 days prior to first date of the preparation class – 50% fee is refundable if registration is cancelled 60 days prior to first date of the preparation class – No fee is refundable if registration if cancelled within less than 60 days prior to first date of the preparation class.

Apart from the above terms and conditions, student must refer and follow the emails and important memos sent by Gyanberry.