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In most countries such as the UK, Europe, Russia, Georgia, China, etc. you can complete a medicine degree in 5 to 6 years since you are allowed to apply for any health science-related program after your high school. However, in the USA and Canada students are required to do a 3 to 4 years Pre-Med course (equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree) before pursuing a degree in medicine or dental or pharmacy or veterinary degree which is for 4 years.
The most important accrediting body is WHO (World Health Organisation) and additionally, every country has a medical board to recognise degrees from foreign medical universities, eg: GMC in the UK, MCI in INDIA. All Universities represented by Gyanberry are internationally recognised in the majority of the countries. However, to know if a particular University is recognised in your home country, please contact one of our counsellors who can check specific details for you.
All the courses are taught in English unless specified otherwise. In most European Universities, students opting for English taught international degrees are also provided local language classes during the first 2 years so that students acquire local language skills to interact with patients during the clinical years (Year 3 onwards). Having said that all academic subjects are taught in English and examinations are conducted in English language. You do not need to know any European language before you apply to any of our partnered Universities.
Most Universities provide either an on-campus accommodation (generally a dorm) or have arrangements outside the campus called as off-campus accommodation. Students are usually given multiple options varying in amenities and prices according to their choice. More details about accommodation options are provided to each student once they have successfully met the admission requirements. Gyanberry also conducts a pre-departure briefing to help students decide on their accommodation options.
Gyanberry is an authorised entrance exam centre for several Universities and hence provides students with exclusive prep materials, mock tests & preparatory classes with lectures delivered by highly experienced teachers. To know more about this service, please contact us
The Universities which require entrance exams require considerable time to prepare. Ideally, 15 months before the Intake month should be good enough time to prepare for the exam along with your high school studies. Universities that do not require entrance exams can give provisional admission based on either predictive scores or the first semester marks only. However, you must apply at least 9-12 months before the start date of the program.
Several countries offer post-study work permits to international students which can range anywhere between 1 to 3 years. Also, several Universities offer internships to International students at their clinical hospitals as part of the curriculum giving students hands-on clinical experience
You can practice in any country you want if you graduate from a recognised University. However, different countries have different regulating exams required to be given by the students to obtain a practising license or pursue your post-graduation or speciality. (Eg: Some of the screening tests for doctors: USMLE in the USA, PLAB in the UK, FMGE in INDIA, etc.).