UK Universities Minister rolls out plans to boost quality in higher education.

In an event held by UCAS, UK Universities Minister Michelle Donelan spoke of the government’s vision to put quality, accessibility, and transparency at the forefront of higher education in Britain. 

While applauding the greatness that the UK higher education has achieved in the world, the minister insisted that continued brilliance requires coming up with ideas that propel them toward continued success.

The plans set out for the future of higher education in the UK were set out by the minister during her speech. 

  • A minimum threshold for course completion rates and graduate outcomes will be set out for universities in the UK by the OfS (Office for Students)
  • Relabeling of the TEF (Teaching Excellence Framework): apart from the existing Gold, Silver, and Bronze Rating, a “Required Improvement” rating will be given for universities that lag behind in demonstrating excellence.
  • Universities will be required to provide course completion rates and professional employment statistics in any type of future adverts.
  • To fuel lifelong learning, people will have access to loan entitlement equivalent to the cost of 4-year university education.

Along with these several other plans were highlighted, including granting better access to higher education to students from disadvantaged backgrounds. 

The UK government is set on making their higher education extraordinary. The plans set out will help students make better informed decisions and also push universities to do better.