Prague’s Charles University’s Institute of Political Studies invites students To Study For A Change

Charles University has been encouraging more students, both resident and international, to study the programs offered under the Institute of Political Studies (IPS). The (IPS) is located in Prague, the epicenter of political and economic power in the Czech Republic, a country that has long been witness to political turbulence and change from the Cold War to the fall of communism. Petr Jüptner, Director of IPS at Charles University’s Faculty of Social Sciences, agrees that enrollment in the faculty’s political studies courses is increasing. “Applications come from all around the world, especially for English programs,” he explains. “The number of new pupils is steadily increasing.”

This trend of increasing international students in the Czech Republic could also be a good coincidence with the country’s leadership responsibility at the EU in July 2022. It will be interesting to see not just how the newly established government approaches the challenge, but also how students become practically involved in assisting with the organization of this long-term goal.

Going from a classroom in Prague to the world political stage isn’t a normal leap. Many of its alumni went on to leading careers in national administrations and diplomacy, European and international institutions, as well as businesses, NGOs, media, and academia. Even the current NATO Ambassador Jakub Landovský is an alumnus of the University.

The Degree programs focus on a specific field of importance. Some popular programs are The Geopolitical Studies Program (GPS), which tackles the analysis of interrelated processes that shape global geopolitics and geoeconomics. International Security Studies examines security concerns ranging from traditional conflicts and wars to non-traditional agendas such as cyberspace. International Economic and Political Studies (IEPS) conducts multidisciplinary research on modern political, economic, and social challenges.

All degree programs at Charles University offer a double degree option in collaboration with prestigious partner universities such as the University of Konstanz, the National Taiwan University, and the University of Bayreuth, where selected students can obtain a second diploma in addition to the Master’s degree from Charles University. Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of studying at IPS, particularly in this field, is that it’s truly a global program. “International students bring in different outlooks to enrich their learning experience,” says Jüptner.