How UC Berkley’s expected enrollment cut may impact students

A state appellate court ruled that the University of California, Berkley had to keep enrollments to 2020-2021 levels in response to the university’s legal battle with Save Berkeley’s Neighborhood. The local resident group has accused UC Berkley of failing to provide sufficient accommodation facilities while still admitting a large number of out-of-state and international students.

A reduction of at least 5,100 undergraduate admissions is expected if the court’s decision stands. The university would also lose a whopping $57 million in tuition.

UC Berkley is already quite selective. While many students dream of attending the California state’s flagship university, it is probable that even a lesser fraction of applicants will get the opportunity to attend UC Berkley this year.

The university’s Board of Regents has appealed the case to the supreme court in the hopes that the state-mandated enrollment freeze be altered and thousands of students don’t miss a well-deserved shot at attending the university.