How are international students stranded in Ukraine coping with the imminent Russian Invasion?

As Vladimir Putin started the full-scale invasion of Ukraine this morning, international students are on high alert and trying their best to find safe shelter.

While many countries like the UK and India warned their students in the last few weeks to leave Ukraine, the Ministry of Higher Education in Ukraine reassured international students earlier that the political unrest will have no impact on the educational institutes.

However, now that certain places in Ukraine are hearing sirens/bomb warnings, nearly 75,000 international students that are still stuck in Ukraine are being advised to find safe shelters immediately.

Air travel is suspended in Ukraine so the possibilities of leaving the country are dim at the moment. Countries like India are trying to set up WhatsApp groups and arrange road transport to safer locations for their students in Ukraine.

While most students are desperate to find a way out, the priority right now is to find shelter and be safe till the situation decelerates.