EU applicants in the UK plummet by 40%

The number of admission applications made by EU students at UK universities has been spiraling since the Brexit referendum. 

UCAS claims that EU applicants are declining because of the uncertainties caused by Brexit and what it means for EU students.

According to the UCAS 2021 reports, the number of applications fell by 40% as compared to the previous year. Whereas the number of applications that got selected fell by 50%.

The UK has received only 20,820 applications for the 2022 cycle, a 19% decline in applications compared to 2021,

On the other hand, a 48% rise in the number of applications made from the US was observed in 2021. 

While China and India remain the highest provider of international applicants made for 2022, UK higher education has some work to do to keep attracting more applications from the EU.