Abitur qualification not the only pathway for university education in Germany- Reports point out

To get a university education in Germany, ‘you must have an Abitur or its equivalent,’ is slowly becoming an outdated concept as more and more students find vocational pathways into their chosen higher education institutions.

An Abitur is a qualification granted to students who pass secondary school exams in Germany. It is a college preparatory qualification, the existence of which can also be seen in countries like Lithuania and Estonia.

A-levels or IB Diploma are the international equivalents of a German Abitur. However, recent studies have shown that more and more students with vocational training are enrolling to study at German Universities.

A study held last month by CHE (Centre for Higher Education Development) showed that 66,000 students are enrolled in German Universities via the vocational training pathway. Although this is a minor figure compared to the total number of university students, statistics show it has only gone up in recent years.

The rise of vocational training as an accepted qualification for German higher education is immensely beneficial for students planning a university education in the field of medical sciences.