The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management (EAHM) specialises in providing business management degrees with the focus in hospitality. They aim to become the world’s largest hospitality management school. EAHM does justice to the title “The Heart of Hospitality”. It has been awarded the title of Top 10 Hospitality Schools, with a triple recognition along with over 100 hospitality industry partners.
The triple accreditation means that it is recognised by the higher education authorities in the UAE, UK, and Australia. It is officially licensed by the Ministry of Education (MoE) of the UAE to award degrees in International Hospitality Management at the Undergraduate and Postgraduate level. The degrees are awarded in accordance with the 2011 Standards of Accreditation – UAE Commission for Academic Accreditation. EAHM was the first hotel school in the Middle East.





EAHM offers internationally recognised study programmes state of the art infrastructure, modern facilities, highly respected faculty members, and strong partnerships within the hospitality industry. As compared to a 47% of males, there are 53% females in the University. EAHM takes pride in having a multicultural student body. It is recognised by a wide range of global bodies which helps assure the students of its quality and standard of education. It is also a member of the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) which is a non-profit global association that aims to share knowledge and best practice to further education in the field of business. EAHM has been recognised as a credible institution for Chinese and International students by the Chinese Ministry of Education. It is also a member of the Council of International Schools (CIS) which is a global community of schools, colleges, and universities across 116 countries. EAHM students benefit from HOSCO which provides membership to hospitality and culinary institutions around the world. This helps the students get internship and career opportunities. Students who choose EMU for their studies have double major opportunities which they might not get in other universities. EMU also offers Student Exchange Program Opportunities by collaborating across 13 countries. Most of the students even get a chance to obtain 50-20% scholarships. EMU provides a rich campus life by providing tons of facilities. You can actively participate in sports and can also be a part of the social and cultural activities organised by more than 50 student clubs.If you become a part of EMU, you would be able to enjoy unlimited accomodation opportunities as well.

Offered Programs / Brief Overview of Program

Academy Hospitality academy of Management offers both Postgraduate and Undergraduate courses. Some of the postgraduate courses include Master of Business Administration and Executive Certificate.

While some of the undergraduate courses include:
● Bachelors of Business Administration
● Associate of Business Administration
● Study Abroad Programs
● English as a Foreign Language
Apart from these courses, the University also focuses on short courses like
● Human Resources
● Administrative Programmes
● Sales and Marketing
● Specialised Training
● Team Building Activities
● Financial Management
● Leadership and Management
● AH&LEI Certifications
● Food and Beverages
● Customer Service
Spring Trimester
08 Apr 2018 – 08 Jul 2018
Summer Break
22 July 2018 – 08 Sep 2018
Fall Trimester
09 Sep 2018 – 01 Jan 2019
01 Nov
You will ensure higher chances of being admitted and become eligible for financial aid opportunities, by applying early. This is also the latest date you can apply for the January intake.
01 Feb
To apply for their April intake, 1 February would be the latest date.. Applications for the September intake would also be welcomed.
01 Aug
This is the latest date you can apply for the September intake. By this time of the year, students are accepted depending on how many seats would still be available. If you miss this deadline but are still interested in joining the program, you can reach out to the University directly –depending on availability, they will review your application.