Brunel University London

Brunel University London

Looking to study in UK? Study abroad at one of the top universities in UK, Brunel University London. To being with, Brunel University London hosts close to 15000 students from 110 different countries which includes over 3500 students engaged in research and postgraduate study. According to the principles laid down by its pioneer, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Brunel University London focuses on positive amalgamation of practical approach of learning, assessments, creative technologies and entrepreneurial business partnerships towards building a successful career for every student. Founded in 1966, Brunel University London is one of the top universities in UK, based in Uxbridge, West London. Brunel University functions by virtue of Royal Charter first granted in 1966. The university comprises of many committees who appoints Vice Chancellor and other dignitaries such as academic governing body as per the guidelines set by the Royal Charter. As a matter of fact, Brunel University London operates as a higher educational hub for up-skilling the knowledge base that UK requires for development on all fronts of technological, social and healthy life. 

Most importantly, Brunel University London aims to establish tailor-made research and educational programs benefiting the students and society at large. In addition, Brunel University is in active preparation on all fronts to become the best of all UK universities and the world at large. By the same token, Brunel University puts all efforts in upgrading and enhancing environmental strategies policies and management thereby preventing pollution and safeguarding the local environment.

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Why Choose This University?

Learning & Development

Looking to study in UK? Study abroad at Brunel University London, one of the top higher education universities in UK. In the first place, Brunel University imparts the highest standards of quality education and academics, consistent with the Framework for Higher Education Qualifications in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The Framework is certainly a national reference point for providers of UK university degrees. In addition, the quality of teaching and education goes at par with UK Quality Code for Higher Education, published by the Quality Assurance Agency of UK. The Brunel University comprises of vibrant population of students from across the world. Equality for all is at the forefront of the university and all efforts including action plans are executed in order to achieve such a goal. As a result, Brunel University ensures a culture of diversity and equality for all without discrimination on gender, race, colour, creed, religion, age, diability or belief. Brunel University runs a week long orientation and welcome program wherein they offer incoming international students with end-to-end services. That is to say, students can opt for airport pickup and campus drop facility, on-campus WiFi setup before arriving in London, events, talks and activities interconnecting with seniors and professors, register for accommodation and on-campus medical centre, for instance. 

Moreover, the university operates a job platform named as Job Shop. Executives from Job Shop help all students, especially international students in finding both on- and off-campus part-time jobs during their entire tenure of study.

Research, International Collaborations & Partnership

Brunel University is one of the top universities in UK that has its research spectrum spread over all major disciplines of higher education. That is to say, research forms the core foundation on which Brunel University functions. Moreover, the university lays down its research integrity code and ethics handbook whose sole aim is to solve global challenges and problems by bringing in talented minds from all over the world. To exemplify its ambitions, the university has set up a concordat with top universities in UK, business enterprises and industries in addressing global issues through cutting edge research and technology. Brunel University London subsequently puts immense contribution in creation and development of collaborative research opportunities in association with top universities in the world. Also, the university has been awarded the European Commission HR Excellence in Research for career development and management of research staff. The university additionally has excellent networking platform to connect early and experienced researchers.

Also, Brunel University London has partnerships with many SMEs – Small and Medium Sized Enterprises. In the first place, the university helps in co-innovating products from design to development and marketing. The university subsequently helps on all fronts to get funding from the government and EU grants to achieve business goals. Consequently, Brunel University researchers get a platform to work collaboratively with other enterprises and industries thereby taking advantage of emerging opportunities across the UK and the world at large.

Most importantly, Brunel University operates a dedicated team of placement counselors who finds out new opportunities for students from business giants and SMEs. They meet business heads and HRs of companies and industries and showcase Brunel talents on a global scale. They therefore function on a principle of attaching university talents to the needs of businesses. 

Infrastructure & Student Life

Compared to top universities in UK, Brunel University has loads of opportunities that they offer to all students, staff and members in order to sustain a healthy cultural and social life. To begin with, students volunteer on diverse events to raise money for charity. Volunteering on events consequently enriches the overall management and interpersonal skills of students thereby broadening the job employability spectrum. Student volunteering therefore becomes an integral part of degree program the moment a student steps in the university campus. Moreover, the volunteering activities at Brunel University is tailored toward building self-confidence of the students by giving them a platform to meet new people with diverse backgrounds. 

In addition, Brunel University hosts state-of-the-art sport facilities spanning all genres. Sports infrastructure at Brunel University is one of the best among all the top universities in UK and the world at large. To exemplify such a statement, Brunel University sport facilities are used by some of the best athletes of UK and the world, such as Usain Bolt and Yohan Blake. Not only sport and event volunteering, but also students can find various vibrant societies enriching many lives in the country. The societies for instance include departments for arts, culture, groups from different countries, painting, drama, recitals and many more.

Study Abroad Scholarships

Brunel University London offers over 100 scholarships to international talents each year. The university governing body understands the financial challenges that international students may encounter to study in UK. Therefore, the university extends financial support through diverse study abroad scholarships for all international students.  


Finally, the international office of Brunel University London has all information regarding accommodation and living standards. All a student needs to do is approach the help desk and get everything sorted. In short, the university helps in finding the right accommodation under the budget specified. Brunel University has their own accommodation facilities along with shared halls outskirts the city.

Offered Programs

Brunel University London offers 

Foundation Year programs in

  • Economics and Mathematics with an Integrated Foundation Year.
  • Flood and Coastal Engineering.

Bachelor Degree programs in

  • BA – Creative Writing, Education, English, Film & Television Studies, Film Production. Games Design & Creative Writing, Global Challenges, History, Industrial Design & Technology, Journalism & Culture, Music, Military & International History,  
  • BSc – Accountancy, Anthropology & Sociology, Banking & Finance, Biochemistry & Genetics, Human Health, Immunology, Biomedical Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Life Sciences, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, International Politics.
  • BSc – Human Computer Interaction, Social Media, Communication & Media Sciences, Artificial Intelligence, Visual Effects & Motion Graphics, Digital Media & Games, Network Computing, Software Engineering, Digital Design, Physical Education & Youth Sport. 
  • BSc – Politics & History, Politics & Sociology, Product Design. Psychology, Sociology. 
  • BSc – Economics, Accounting & Business Finance, Financial Mathematics, Mathematics & Statistics. Mathematics with Computer Science.
  • BSc – Business Management – Accounting, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Marketing, Business Computing.
  • BSc – Eng – Flood and Coastal Engineering, Product Design.
  • BEng – Aerospace, Automotive, Chemical, Civil, Computer Systems, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Mechanical. 
  • Law – LLB, Law with Criminal Justice, International Arbitration & Commercial Law.

Master Degree programs in:

  • MA – Acting, Contemporary Performances, English Language Teaching, Fashion, Film Making, Fine Arts, Interior Design, Children Youth and International Development, Creative Writing. Design, Branding Strategy and Innovation, Digital Games Theory & Design, Education, English Literature, Intelligence & Security Studies, International Journalism, International Relations, Media & Public Relations, Military History. 
  • MSc – Business Psychology, Computer Science, Information Security & Digital Forensics, Banking & Finance, Business Finance, Business Intelligence & Digital Marketing, Cognitive & Clinical Neuroscience, Engineering Management, Financial Mathematics.
  • MSc – Disease Mechanisms and Therapeutics, Environmental Management, Medical Anthropology.
  • MSc – Computer Communication Networks, Corporate Brand Management, Data Science & Analytics, Digital Design & Branding, Digital Service Design, Finance & Investment, Integrated Product Design, Media & Communications, Statistics with Data Analytics. 
  • MSc – Anthropology of – Childhood, Youth and Education. International Development and Humanitarian Assistance, Sport & Exercise Psychology. Sport Health & Exercise Science. 
  • MSc – Eng – Advanced Electronic & Electrical Engineering, Advanced Engineering Design, Advanced Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Automotive & Motorsport Engineering, Biomedical Genetics & Tissue Engineering, Biomechanics & Bioelectronics Engineering, Building Services, Distributed Computing Systems, Flood & Coastal Engineering, Oil & Gas Engineering, Renewable Energy, Structural Engineering, Sustainable Electrical Power, Water Engineering, Wireless Communication Systems. 
  • MSc – Management – Accounting & Business Management, Global Supply Chain Management, Human Resource, Information Systems Management, 
  • MBA – Business Administration.    
  • LLM – Intellectual Property Law, International Commercial Law, International Financial Regulation & Corporate Law, International Human Rights Law, Master of Law.

Tuition Fees

Approximate tuition fees for various Bachelor and Master Degree programs may range in between 16800 USD / 62000 Dirham / 1200000 INR to 27000 USD / 98000 Dirham / 1900000 INR per annum.

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